Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads Generation is the most popular lead generation method for private lenders at this moment. If you are simply new in this private lending industry, you must be nervous to find a best and cost effective lead generation service before you start making money from funding. That’s where most of the lenders make mistakes. 

Let’s see why Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads are best of all Lead Generation Marketing Tools

  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is the most cost effective ways to do marketing in all industries. Since email service is free, this email marketing services is considered as the most reasonable and cost effective marketing method. But when you choose to do marketing via email, it requires you to do bulk emailing which is not actually free. MailChimp will cost you $199 for sending bulk email to limited number of email addresses every month. Ultimately this is not going to get you any result for your Merchant Cash Advance Campaign. And you must know that 98% email goes junk folder when you do bulk email marketing. 


  • Appointment Setting Leads: Appointment Setting Leads are being generated by Telemarketing. But unlike merchant cash advance live transfer leads these prospects don’t have time to get transferred to underwriter or closer right now, telemarketers schedule a call back for them and pass them to the underwriters or closer to call them back. These appointment setting leads will cost you anywhere from $15 to $25 per lead.  Even there are few companies those who will charge you even more than that promising you unrealistic result. But as soon as you are done with your order and they deliver you the number of leads, they won’t bother if you can get hold of the leads back, if it was a bad lead or good lead. 95% of time, nobody can get hold of them after the telemarketing schedule a call back appointment. So literally it is going to be a bad investment. 


  • Live Transfer Leads: Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads are the best lead generation method in the industry.
  1. Process:
  2. Cold Calling
  3. Pre-Qualifying
  4. Making 3-way Conference Call with Closer
  5. Introduce the Prospect to the Closer Briefly
  6. Sending detailed live transfer lead information to the closer via email in 3-4 minutes.
Post Live Transfer Lead Submission
Post Live Transfer Lead Submission

You will receive an email along with the information above in this format right after receiving the live transfer

This is how the MCA Lenders are getting the most accurate and usable leads in real time by this merchant cash advance live transfer leads generation service. They are talking to the people those who are actually looking for money and already pre-qualified. Now all the closer/underwriter needs to do is filling out the application form over the phone or sending the form to them and following up with them to get the application back along with the bank statements. These Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads guarantee you at least 30% - 40% application returns but approval or funding rate really depends on your funding terms.  Unlike Merchant Cash Advance Appointment Setting Leads or Email Leads, Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads come with 100% replacement warranty if they do not qualify according to your requirement or if they are not looking for money in less than a month. 


How do we ensure the replacement warranty of these Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads?

We have highly skilled Quality Assurance Team those who are listening to each and every live transferred call to ensure the top level quality. So, you don’t need to send us any proof that the lead was bad or not qualified. Also, each and every call is being recorded on our server for any further reference. This actually means that you are only paying for the qualified Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads those who you spoke to, pre-qualified and need of money. 

Here is the Qualifying Criteria for our merchant cash advance live transfer leads which can be customized according to your requirement.

  • 100% Exclusive Leads
  • 100% Contact Ratio or Don't Pay
  • All Business Owners / Decision Makers
  • Over 1 Year in Business
  • Depositing Over $10,000 in Business Checking Account
  • No Bankruptcy in Last 2 Years
  • No More Than 2 Current Outstanding
  • TCPA & DNC Compliant MCA Leads


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Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads will help you achieve your prospects rapidly as you get a concise thought regarding the individual you are reaching and can strategize you're marketing arrangement as needs be. The businesses recorded are very much aware of alternate financing accessible and are for the most part new companies or new to the business and don't have a decent FICO assessment. Because of their poor FICO scores, the traditional banks decline to finance these businesses and, in this manner, they begin searching for alternate financing, for example, merchant cash advances. With their inalienable advantages, a merchant cash advance turns out to be an exceptionally supportive and compelling option financing that is accessible for businesses nowadays.

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A merchant cash advance is an alternate for private companies who don't fit the requirement for a traditional bank loan. Despite the fact that the MCA business is only 10 years old, because of the advantages it gives, many business owners are choosing this type of financing. In any case, it has been watched that still various businesses don't know about this alternate financing.


Those working in the merchant cash advance industry realize the significance of finding and building customers. In this Internet fixated world, marketing merchant cash advances and achieving your objective prospects requires a totally extraordinary approach. With cell phone and web clients expanding marketing a business carefully is the need of great importance. The initial step to marketing your business carefully is to get a dependable leads list that furnishes you with an objective market. Gratefully, merchant cash advance live transfer leads exist to help you achieve your objective prospects effectively.

Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads

Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads contain name and contact data of every one of those businesses who are searching for option financing that can be your objective prospects. At the point when obtained from a key lead generation service, merchant cash advance live transfer leads will come up with the information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company name
  • Phone #
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Looking Amount
  • Bank Deposit
  • Credit Score
  • Current Outstanding Status

At DTX Merchant Cash Advance Leads, we exceed expectations in giving crisp and qualified merchant cash advance live transfer leads that help you comprehend your objective market all together arrangement a key merchant cash advance marketing effort to offer business loans viably. Our merchant cash advance live transfer leads are refreshed on a hour by hour premise and are set up from self-detailed data coordinate from merchants searching for working capital inside the last 30 – 90 days. Along these lines, when you purchase advanced response leads from us to dispatch a marketing effort to promote your MCA business, you can rest guaranteed that you are on right track and marketing ends up noticeably straightforward and powerful. You can utilize our merchant cash advance live transfer leads for email marketing, telemarketing, renegotiating merchant cash advances, and so on.

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Also, we have a devoted and experienced deals group who will direct you through the whole procedure of marketing merchant cash advances. We can likewise assist you with your rundown choice with providing the most noteworthy quality leads for your battle so you will effectively meet your business loan marketing needs.

So what to wait for? Get in touch with us now to start receiving your Pre-Qualified and 100% Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads.


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